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Social Media Marketing & Advertising Services

App and Web is a social media marketing service provider in USA with a focus on driving the best results and impactful business growth of clients using social media advertising services. Our social media marketing agency enhances your brand’s social media presence and drives targeted leads. Our SEO agency helps you hit your goals.

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We Are A Social Media Marketing Company In USA

Social media is where all the people are! About 79% of the people are online checking their social media. Our social media marketing agency develops and improves your brand’s visibility on social media.


App and Web has an extremely qualified and experienced team to create a positive brand image through social media marketing services. With the whole world on social media, you should adopt optimal social media advertising for your business to be successful. Our team of experts efficiently uses this powerful approach through various social channels. We try to bring attention to the services provided by your businesses and increase your brand visibility through excellent brand marketing and brand Advertising. Our qualified and creative team of social media experts develops successful social media campaigns for your progressive growth.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social networking sites are essential for growing your business. In fact, with its far-reaching around the globe, it is no wonder that these networking platforms have become a valuable part of advertising your business. Sharing your business thoughts on Facebook, trending on Twitter, and posting pictures on Instagram has become necessary for business growth. Our social media marketing agency helps you set up your social media accounts and build customers. Our team of experts promises outstanding success results for your business by creating effective and efficient SMM campaigns, even driving sales, and leads. So, sit back & let our professionals handle your Social Media Accounts & increase your engagement.

Our Social Media & Branding Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy

Our team plans and adopts effective strategies to increase your brand awareness and amplify traffic to your business. We analyse your requirements and prepare the necessary strategy and explicit activity for your long-term social media success.

Social Community Management

Building a community amongst your customers, employees, and partners through various interactions in public online spaces enhances your brand visibility. This will help you identify the critical discussions in your business and how to overcome the loopholes.

Influencer Marketing

For brand marketing and brand advertising to the larger audience online use key leaders on social media. Our team researches and organises the best influencer in the market for you.

Social Ads

Social Ads and building campaigns on social media give assured growth rates. Profitable, affordable, and versatile social Media Advertising channels make it easier to meet various business goals.

Social Remarketing

Social remarketing is a clever strategy to attract customers, lead generation, and promotion of your products. With our social media advertising services, we help you strategically interact with your target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Social media advertising brings increased conversion rates and enhances brand awareness. Drive website traffic, target your ideal audience, and reach them in new ways with our effective services.


Social Consultancy

Being a well-known Social Media Marketing Services Provider in USA, our team creates an efficient social strategy depending upon your end goals and requirements. Our team builds your social media presence from scratch and helps you to maintain it.

Social PPC

We create engaging social ads, standard updates that boost your brand Marketing & generate interest in your new products. All this will happen through your social networking profiles.

Brand Advertising Management

App & Web is an SEO Agency with many years of experience that will help you in brand advertising management across various social media platforms to amplify your brand awareness among your competitors.

Social Media Monitoring

We will make sure to monitor positive & negative reviews and feedbacks. Depending on the monitored data, we help you improve and grow.

Social Nature & Tone

Social media nature and tone is different from the usual content creation style. Our team of experts takes care of the right tone and nature of your social media. We make sure your business is portrayed exactly how you want it to be.

Analysis & Reporting

We provide you with weekly & monthly social media analysis & reports to help you find and inform you about future activities across your Social Media Advertising platforms.

What we deliver through Social Advertising

Complete advertising reports and performance updates

Increased conversions and business growth

Generate traffic leads and sales with our services

Powerful campaigns and maximum audience engagement

Increased visibility and more customers

Reach customers with strategic and proactive ads

Best social media marketing services at affordable prices

Services with better returns and guaranteed success

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